Make manifesting easy and take your practice to the next level with this printable 21-page law of attraction planner. It contains everything you need to set powerful intentions, anchor your goals, organize your practice and track your results. The universe rewards clarity and consistency, so keeping everything in one tidy place where you can work on it a little each day will lead you straight down the path to success.

Here's what's inside:

  • Journaling prompts
  • Gratitude list & journal
  • Big & little goal sheets
  • Goal trackers
  • My perfect day exercise
  • Daily intention setter
  • Dear universe worksheet
  • Limiting beliefs eliminator
  • Eliminate attraction blocks
  • Manifestation ritual organizer
  • Sacred signs from the universe
  • Manifestation success tracker
  • Attitude & behavioral shift
  • Self-care tracker
  • Reading list
  • Vision board planner

Note: This is an instant download - there is no physical product. Due to the digital nature of this item, there are no returns, refunds, or exchanges.